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Types Of Baby Strollers With Car Seats Available On Market

There are different types of baby strollers available on today’s market for various purpose, and they are able to make multiple types of riding experience as parents want. We know it’s always confusing for them. We have researched and found various types of strollers. Following are the most common types of baby strollers available in the current market;

  • Standard-sized strollers: The best baby strollers for most parents, standard-sized models come with a padded seat, a 3- or 5-point harness system, sun shades and storage baskets under the seat.
  • Jogging strollers: Intended for parents who like exercising, these strollers have a 3-wheel design with large rear wheels that allow for a smooth ride.
  • Sit-and-stand strollers: These strollers include a regular stroller seat for the baby in the front and a platform in the back for a toddler.
  • Double/Triple strollers: As their name suggests, these strollers have two or three seats that can accommodate two or three babies. Great for parents with twins or triplets!
  • Travel systems: This type of strollers included a regular stroller and a matching infant car seat. They’re great if you want a model that can grow with your little one – once he or she has outgrown the infant car seat, you can conveniently use the stroller.
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